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ANGAZA Empowerment Network

ANGAZA Empowerment Network is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization registered by the NGOs Co-ordination Board. Angaza aims at empowering communities to make the best of their individual skills and talents and help them to achieve whatever personal and professional goals they have. We work at a grass roots level, trying to ensure we are easily accessible to all who would like to reach us.
ANGAZA is open to all, including men, women, youth, children and persons with disabilities. Women comprise over 50% of the population and thus they need not be left behind when it comes to making critical decisions. They need to be a part of the discussion so that we can effect change, to our own worlds and the larger one. ANGAZA is open to all regions although we have a slight focus in coast region due to its many years of marginalization.

Our Vision

ANGAZA’s vision is to have a just, peaceful and progressive society.

Our Values

ANGAZA subscribes to the following values:

  • Professionalism;
  • Integrity;
  • Empathy;
  • Accountability;
  • Commitment;
  • Success;

Our Mission

ANGAZA is established to promote opportunities to support, connect and grow less fortunate, through lobbying, mentoring, network, strategic alliances, developing and recognizing excellence within the community members.

Our Aim

ANGAZA is an NGO committed to offering real value in the form of leading and training, connecting and supporting community members. The organization aims to be a united, all inclusive organization that helps the less fortunate to create connections on multiple dimensions - personal, professional and business - throughout their career. It also creates opportunities for women, youth and persons living with disabilities to realize their full potential.
As a national NGO with counties presence, it also provides local and national forums where community members can exchange ideas, be informed about topical issues and create opportunities for themselves. It acts as a lobby group on women's and youth issues, highlighting and publicizing not only the barriers to success that may still exist but also the many opportunities available to women and youth in the country today.
Through strategic partnerships with the government,donors, other civil society organizations, the private sector and learning institutions, it provides on-going events and opportunities to advance the interests and needs of community members.

ANGAZA Theory of Change is to:

  • ENGAGE more community in discussion;
  • ENCOURAGE fresh and varied thinking perspective;
  • EMPOWER community to find the inner confidence to take the next step;
  • ENABLE and SUPPORT them through the journey by putting them in touch with organizations that can nurture their ideas and mentors who can assist in achieving those goals;
  • PROVIDE a platform to enable community to articulate their issues and concerns; with a chance to meet decision makers and get their views and opinions heard.
  • CREATE a powerful and exciting network for community to link up and help each other.

Our Partners