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Education and Research

A good education broadens our horizons and gives us good chances in life. Knowledge enables people to grow and influence their situation. It is the firm desire of Angaza to be a global role model, in our development, our equality and our leadership on education for all. We aspire to have a country whose hallmarks are the equal worth of all people, self-confidence, solidarity and the belief that it is possible to change the future. This, Angaza believes can only be achieved through continuous education, research and capacity building of communities. In this programme Angaza seeks at providing research findings that will assist all the stakeholders from the government to private sector in developing clear interventions that will assist communities.
Angaza continues to lobby on the possibility of coming up with youth friendly legislation that will push towards the change of education system which currently is more exam oriented as opposed to realization of talents. To achieve this Angaza has met different stakeholders including the Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Hassan to lobby and push for legislation that will ensure that youths’ talents are nurtured. 

Governance and Democracy Project

In the context of ongoing devolved system of government, corruption has become a major challenge in the use and implementation of resources.  The county government responsibilities are becoming increasingly more important and versatile. While some progress has been made, the effective and accountable delivery of quality public services at the county level still faces considerable challenges in terms of teething problem brought about by devolution of the resources. This has also been due to the limited capacity to design and implement county integrated development strategies, insufficient organizational development and financial management in line with the principles of good governance and lack of understanding of constitutional and legal provision required. 

It is due to the above that this project seeks to address these challenges through following components:
1. Developing  prioritized and mature project pipeline that is aligned with strategic priorities at national and county level in pilot counties;
2. Lobbying for the improved transparency and accountability of county government financial management,
3. Pushing for the enhancement of local service delivery through inter-governmental cooperation 
4. Lobbying for better county management practices in order to deliver better quality of services to the citizens in a transparent, accountable and cost-effective manner.
As part of realizing good governance Angaza has also been involved in election monitoring. A case in point is the last year Malindi by elections. The goal of this exercise of monitoring was to contribute towards a peaceful, fair and credible by-Election through embracing partnership with the electoral body IEBC.

Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Program

This is a structural and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people.

Angaza’s mandate is to create a community of empowered citizens who are able to impact on community lives through innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. This will be achieved by giving the both young and old the tools and resources needed to create long lasting, positive habits. This project aims at equipping young people with skills such as:

Writing of good business plans, how to implement the plan and how to sustain business.
How to write a winning Curriculum Vitae (CV), presentation in an interview and sustaining of job once successful.
Mentoring and career guidance to the youths both in school and out of school
The project also acts as a liaison between Universities and colleges and industries where they match individual skills with sector requirements.

Angaza hopes that this will provide the community with the opportunity to break the cycle of hopelessness. The goal of this project is to promote economic empowerment and poverty reduction amongst the youth and women for sustainable peace security and development. The project has the following specific objectives:

1. To promote life skills for economic empowerment amongst the youth and women through training and mentorship
2. To train community leaders on youths’ economic empowerment and mentorship skills
3. To strengthen ANGAZA’s youth structure for linkages and referral of trained youth and women groups to friendly and manageable financial institutions for credit facilities
4. To embed livelihood skills and provide seed capital on select youth groups
5. To create a data base for trained youth qualifying for employment while providing recommendations to various would be employers

Counter Violent Extremism Project

Youth radicalization and violent extremism continues to be the challenges affecting most of the coastal youths leading to the destabilization of communities. The once united yet diverse community has been divided both religiously and ethnically. This has affected greatly the peace and security of the region resulting to under development. Currently the situation has worse causing both national and international concern considering the nature, targets and frequencies of the attacks. 

Despite the problem affecting the entire country the Coast Region has increasingly become more vulnerable to the threats leading to creation of a conducive environment for recruitment and training radical and extremist groups. This is because of certain factors that make the region vulnerable.

It is in lieu of the above that Angaza Empowerment network seeks to deal with the unsupervised space among youth at the Coast. The youths have been left unsupervised by their parents while issues of discipline have been left to teachers in schools. They are left to choose what to do. For instance, while parents go to work, they are left on their own and most of them spend their time on social media and bad company.
The goal of the project is to have an anti-radicalized society that is peaceful and harmonious embracing one another.

The project shall seek to achieve the following objectives:

  • To create safe spaces for dialogue for youths and women that will ensure adequate information sharing that will stop youths from being recruited into terrorism.
  • To strengthen community resilience and tenacity to soberly address issues and reduce the risk of increased radicalism and violent extremism amongst coastal communities.

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